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内容摘要:情况一:打电话的人要找的人不在, 问对方是否要留言Can I talk to Mark? (我可以跟 Mark 讲话吗?)He is out on his lunch break right now. Would you like to leave a message? 他出去吃...

打电话的人要找的人不在, 问对方是否要留言

Can I talk to Mark? (我可以跟 Mark 讲话吗?)

He is out on his lunch break right now. Would you like to leave a message? 他出去吃午饭了, 你要留言吗?

He is not available right now. Can I take a message? 他不在, 我可以帮你传话吗?


打电话的人要找的人不在, 愿意接受对方的留言

Can I leave a message? 我可以留个话?

Yes. Go ahead, please. 可以, 请继续。

Of course. Hold on for just a second so I can grab a pen and paper. 当然, 稍等一下让我拿个纸笔。

Sure, if you can excuse me for just a second. Let me find a piece of paper to write it down. 当然, 如果你可以等我一下下, 让我找张纸写下来。

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Is Daisy there? (Daisy 在吗?)

This is she. 我就是。 (注: 男的用 This is he.)

Youre speaking/talking to her. 你正在跟她说话。(注:男的用You‘re speaking/talking to him.)

This is Daisy. 我就是 Daisy.

Thats me. 我就是。



Can I speak to Alexander Walker? 我可以和 Alexander Walker 说话吗?

Alexander Walker? Im sorry, but theres nobody here by this name. Alexander Walker? 抱歉, 这里没这个人。

Im sorry. Im afraid youve got the wrong number. 抱歉, 恐怕你打错电话了。

What number did you dial? 你打几号?


打电话的人要找的人是别人, 请对方稍等

Is Brandon there? Brandon 在吗?

Yes, he is. One moment, please. 他在。请稍等。

Hold, please. 请稍等。

Hold on, please. 请稍等。

Let me see if hes here. Hang on. OK? 我看看他在不在。等一下, 好吗?


接受对方留言时听不清楚, 希望对方重复

When he comes back, can you have him call me at (206) 5551212? 他回来后, 能不能让他打 (206) 5551212 这个号码给我?

Can you repeat again, please? 能不能请你再重复一次?

(Say) Again, please? 再说一次好吗?

Pardon? 抱歉。(请再说一次)

Come again, please? 再说一次好吗?

Im sorry? 抱歉。(请再说一次)



Can you put Daisy back on? I forgot to tell her something. 你能否请Daisy再来听电话呢? 我忘了跟她讲一件事。

Sure. Ill go get her. 当然! 我这就去叫她。

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